Sunday, November 18, 2012

Boise ID Temple Re-Dedication

Today, was the Boise temple re-dedication.  The church cancelled all regular meetings for the day and the dedication was broadcast 3 times.  I caught the 12 noon one.  It was awesome!  I totally loved it and finaly when Elder Bednar got up to talk I started taking notes.  I wish I had started earlier.   As  I walked in the Stake President said when I shook his hand "Welcome to the temple!"   That's what the stake center was while we were there- a temple!  Pretty cool!

The opening hymn was #5, High on the Mountain Top. Some words spoke to me.  Verse four says this, speaking of the temple: For there we shall be taught, The law that will go forth, With truth and wisdom fraught, To govern all the earth.  The meaning to me?  Those who are endowed with power, that know the law will be those who govern the earth! I'm excited for the day when righteous men and women who know the law will govern.

One of the assistant to the matrons spoke.  She got teary eyed about her son who didn't get married till he was 29 (Big eye roll there).  Two of her daughters were married in that temple.  It was a spiritual talk.   I wish I could remember more.
The entrance. New stained glass!

One of the speakers talked about how in 1973 when Spencer W. Kimball was made prophet there was only 15 temples on the earth. When he passed away there was 36 more, Boise was one of those- # 27 I believe. Now there is 140.

The next speaker was Pres. Monson's Secretary for 42 years.   She said that she is  largely who she is because of him. He is caring, kind, serving, etc.  I really appreciated her coming and sharing.

The hall way.
Then Elder Bednar. Gotta love Elder Bednar.  He talked about  some of the things the Savior did in Matthew chapter 8 and then read these verses:   
19 And a certain scribe came, and said unto him, Master, I will afollow thee whithersoever thou goest.
20 And Jesus saith unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.

Then he taught what that scripture means.  He quotes Joseph Smith at the corner stone dedication/laying at the Nauvoo temple, Brigham Young, and at the South Jordan Temple dedication (3 witnesses) that said that Father has no house (a temple) for his Son dedicated to him to lay his head.  I'm sure I must of heard that before, but this time it really made sense. 

He then told us some of the blessings of temple work- avoiding temptation, being just one of them.  He said something to the effect of any struggle, any price to obtain temple blessing is worth it.  He talked about family history work and quoted the scripture "where much is given, much is required" (Luke 12:48)  He pointed out that it does not say 'encouraged', but REQUIRED! 

He read verses from section 109, which is the dedicatory prayer for the Kirkland Temple. I believe he read vs 5:  "To build a house to they name, that the Son of Man might have a place to manifest himself to his people."  He suggested that every member should study this chapter and find the meaning for them in their individual lives.  This is something I want to do. 
The baptismal font.  New stained glass and paintings.  One of the most beautiful rooms there!

Then the holiest man on the earth stood talked to just the State of Idaho.  He pointed out future missionaries and wiggled his ears.  He also pointed out others who would marry here too.  The Boise temple was announced on March 31st 1982 and in May of 1984 Gordon B. Hinckley dedicated it. 

"The heaven seem so close today", he said.  If you remember well we can take our children  to the re-dedication of the temple through our memories.  

He mentioned going to South Africa and how people came up to him and asked him if they could have a temple there.  He told them he'd see what he could do.  Spencer W. Kimball told them 1 month later that yes they would have a temple.  Elder Monson received telegrams from some there congratulating him on his success.  It was not him.  He did nothing.  Temples come about through the prophet!  

A sealing room
President Monson has been the president for 5 years.  It was 49 years ago that David O. McKay called him to the apostleship.  He then told a story of talking to a man in Tonga.  He asked him if he had all this children sealed to him.  In sadness he hung his head and explained that he and his wife had 10 children, but they could only afford to take 4 of them to the New Zealand Temple, but he was saving up money to take the others. He came home and told this story and his daughter Ann (Now is the 2nd counselor in the General YW presidency) told her seminary counsel.  All of the seminaries in the SLC area did a service project every year at Christmas time.  Without her father knowing the counsel raised enough money for this family and others to take their families to the temple and be sealed.

Then stories of the Temple in Frankfurt Germany behind the Iron Curtain.  It was dedicated in 1985.(The country would not let the church bring in any materials, so Thomas S. Monson with a photographic memory, memorized it all and had it written down while there)  There was a couple in Prague or the Ukraine who had 12 pictures of temples in their home.  Elder Monson asked the wife if her husband loved temples.  The sister said yes and then "I too, I too."  This man became the second president of the Frankfurt Temple and served for 4 years.

President Monson said he felt sad about what was said in Matthew chapter 8.  We have room for TV, for computers, for eating, for sleeping.  Do we have room for the temple?  We have time for golf and movies.  Let us have time for the temple. Then he quoted  Section 76: 5-6 

For thus saith the Lord—I, the Lord, am amerciful and gracious unto those who bfear me, and delight to honor those who cserve me in righteousness and in truth unto the end.  Great shall be their reward and eternal shall be their aglory

The ceiling of the Celestial Room!  So beautiful!  They had to shrink the whole room down considerably to get everything in they wanted to.
I loved being there. I loved giving the Hosanna Shout. That was my second one.  The first being at the dedication of the Nauvoo Temple.  I gained glimpses of all the many many blessings of going.  It makes me want to find all of them.  It makes me want to be righteous that I may obtain them.   I'm so glad I was able to go and do that.  What an important thing!  I hope to be able to partake of many more temple dedications in the years to come.  

I know this is the true church.  I know that we are pulling down the powers of heaven and destroying the powers of Satan every time a temple is dedicated and we keep our selves worthy and do the work there-in. I am so happy to be a part of it and can't see why friends of mine don't make the necessary changes in their lives to be able to do and say the same thing.  I hope I will always be worthy to have a recommend and be in the temple.  Praise God from who all blessings flow. 

To learn more and see more pictures go here.  All pictures were from the church web sight, the link being provided.


Christy Jones said...

beautiful temple, so fun that you got to go!

yeti said...

why did it have to be re-dedicated?

Becky Rose said...

Yeti- because it was remodeled. Took over a year to do it.