Saturday, February 4, 2012

Those Noisy Neighbors!

My neighbors are not really noisy.  In fact the couple that share the other side of the duplex are deaf.  They have their hearing son that lives with them too and a daughter who is fighting for her life with cancer.   They love Coco so it's really nice.  The house across the street from me is empty.   To the other side of me is these guys.  A group of Mallard Ducks that are nesting and swimming.  Sometimes I can hear them quack, see them swim and fly away when they think Coco might get to them.   I love all animals, so this is very cool for me, not a problem at all.  One time I saw a bunch of females nesting and a black cat on the other side laying down just watching them.  

See that brown roof on the right hand side of the bottom picture.  That's where I live! 

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Christy Jones said...

cool! I am glad you have nice neighbors. Makes a big difference.