Monday, November 21, 2011

OOOPPPPS! Car Crash!

Yep- I got in a car accident. It was really a fender bender. It was sort of my fault. The my fault part was staying to long on the internet Thursday morning after not having the internet for a month at my house, so I was anxious to get to my job FASTER, so I wouldn't be late. HAHA! I drive 42 miles to work. It's a straight shot most of the way through farm land, rocks and sage brush. There is usually no one on the street, but there was that morning.

Here you can see the bent bar above the radiator.
That bar goes around the whole square of the engine.

The someone else fault's was a car/truck 3 or 4 cars ahead of me stopping to turn, not just turn, but stopping, so all the drivers put on the breaks! I was going to fast, tried to miss the van ahead of me, especially the other head light that just got fixed two days previous! But it was the van or a ditch. I went for the van.

The lady in the other car insisted she call the cops. Oh- what a waste of time and money for me. She had never been in a car accident before. So I got a 85$ ticket. What good is calling the cops? Can anyone tell me.? I mean, we could of taken care of it ourselves with our insurance agencies. It was of no benefit to her and to me. ARRRGGGG! Her van only had a 5 in crack on the bumper that DID NOT go all the way through. It was superficial. But the car was a 2010, so they will replace it.
You might be able to tell that the FRAME was bent in the whole ordeal!
Ya- the frame- you know that part that everything else is built on top of.

Of course I didn't know that until I drove it to work after the accident. The cop asked me twice if I needed a tow. Even if I did I wouldn't of gotten on. I would of called some body and had them drag my car home. I can't afford a tow truck! I knew the car still worked and that I could take it to the shop teacher and the boys and they could tell me if they could help me fix it. They could do a few things. But that frame and bar was beyond their skills. The teacher gave me a recommendation for a fix it guy who specializes in frames. He priced it at 900 to do the whole thing. Not a bad price. I can't afford it, but it's cheaper than a car payment which I can't afford even more!

Like the duck tape job? That is curtsey of the HS shop kids.
Good idea I thought. The light does still work.

The fun part is on the way home, I got a speeding ticket for 85$ as well. Different cop, different town. I was in a school zone and going 20 miles over. My car was on empty and there was a gas station just a block away. The cop was nice and on the ticket didn't mention I was in a school zone and only put that I was only going 15 over. He saved me over a hundred dollars.
It was a nightmare day. Lots of tears.

oh ya, here's another piece of info- the engine is new, and the car is only worth 1772.00!


Christy Jones said...

ouch!! I am glad you are o.k!! crazy that fixing your car could possiably replace it. Does this job have potential for you to make more? Keep up the faith!!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I'm so sorry to hear all of that!

Joellen Cirilo said...

I'm sorry to hear about the accident and the hassles you had to go through afterward. Looking at the bright side, at least it was just a minor accident. Imagine how much more it would have cost you if you suffered serious injuries and if your car was totally wrecked.

Joellen Cirilo @