Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dog Swim Party

This is a park near my home with a swimming pool. On the last Saturday of August it hosted a dog swim and stroll party. Only dogs could swim. They had 2 life guards there too.
It cost 10$ for the dog to swim, 10$ for the T-shirt. All money benefits the Nampa dog park.

Coco loves to swim. He would swim (not just at a party) all the time at the dog park on Mercer Island on the shore of Lake Washington. He doesn't get to do that as much, although I've taken him to Lake Lowell here, which is a man made irrigation fed lake that can get gross.

It was just so fun to see this in a swimming pool. It was fun to see the dogs get each others balls, dogs get on the Island and bark at the other dogs swimming by, to watch the dogs try for the courage to jump in the water- putting a paw out as if they could walk on the water. At one point I pushed Coco into the deep end. He went all the way under and came back up. I think that's his second time doing that. This summer I've been making Parker swim at the lake here, but it's not something he chooses to do, so didn't pay for him, but he walked around, going in the bathrooms, hiding beside a lady in a wheel chair.

There is also vendors outside the pool area. Some giving away treats and small bags of dog food. They had a raffle and my friend Beverley won 200$ in prizes including a LARGE bag of Science Diet Dog food. Parker and I participated in a look a like contest. I stuck out my tonge like he does and went on stage and told everyone about him. I so wanted to win, but didn't. If we do it next year I'm going to dress in black and white and WIN. A little girl had her dog dressed just like her with a green shirt and jeans. The jeans kept falling off the little dog. She got 2nd place I think.

Shelters or the Humane society had adoptable dogs for just 25$.

I got there, took these 4 pictures and promptly dropped my brand new camera in the water. The nice man next to me got it out, but it was ruined! Luckily I still had my phone camera.

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Lindsay Wood said...

That seems like a fun affair! I bet your fellow pet lovers were thrilled to see their little ones jump into the pool with their paws out. Is that Coco in the last two photos? I guess that it’s okay that you didn’t win, since it seems he enjoyed the experience anyway. Thanks for participating!

Lindsay Wood @ PoolShopWA