Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Random News!

Dogs meet Cat

Parker met the cat on Saturday. His response was just to get face to face and smell and then turn his head as if no big deal. The cat was not afraid at all.

Coco met the cat today through a screen door. Coco started to growl, cat tried to get away but I was holding him. Coco stood statue still and was waiting for an opportunity to jump on him. Jason had him by the leash and dragged him away and the cat ran into the house further.

Domesticated Me
Back in my single days I would never cook. If I did I was trying to impress someone. When my family got together and the girls would be helping in the kitchen I would be some where else. Not that I was trying to avoid helping, some times I would and some times they would ask. There are 5 daughters in the family. I was normally playing with the kids or on the computer gathering knowledge. I always told myself that when the time was right and I had to, I'd do it. When I had a husband, when I had kids I'd cook and you know what? I was right! I cook a lot! I do simple things, but I still do it! I come home and the first thing is "what to cook, change the laundry, clean the house." While I'd like to just go on line and read, read, read or write, write, write, I do not. I take care of the house first. To everything there is a season.

TV at our House
We don't pay for cable, but a few months ago, we paid for high tech bunny ears. We get a few channels, but they come and go. It seems it stays during commercials and leave during the shows and the most important part of the shows. We also get the crappy channels. Channels that have adult cartoons like "The Family Guy", or Two and a half Men", or "How I met your mother". It's all really just bad, B rated, sex focused TV. I hate that it's in our house. My visiting teachers say cable is the same. But as Jason reminded me we could get Animal Planet, PBS, History Channel, and the like. I'd be all about educational stuff, but for now we suffer along and are thankful for the news and "House". Every night we try and read at least one chapter in The Book of Mormon and then watch a short Church History video. That is a good thing!
Parker Update
Parker's tail healed fine thank goodness. We are glad we didn't spend 300 dollars. Nothing that they said might happen (like the tail dying or him trying to chew it off, or an infection) has happened. He's still our happy little doggy that I call my baby, although he's anything put a puppy. (this picture taken before the healing)
Barber School
Jason started Barber School after Labor Day weekend. He drives Tuesday through Saturday up to Everett. His instructors tell him he's very good and he is really enjoying it. He thinks about hair, notices hair and has even cut the missionaries and others hair on his own outside of school. He's excited about his new profession.

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