Friday, November 26, 2010

Last Time

Thanksgiving Day 2010
This is my Mom and Dad's house. They lived here twice with a 12 year stint in Minnesota where I was born. I lived here from 10 to 19, then while I was going to school to get a teaching certificate for about 2 years, then from 2006 to 2009. It's gone through a lot of changes. It used to be a 2 color house, with a maroon on the bottom and a mustard yellow on the top. The protruding window to the left my dad made. It was the garage, but with 5 kids there before I was born he made it into a very long family room. When we moved there when I was a kid dad took the basement and made a whole apartment out of it with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and living room. Another improvement was the deck. I had 2 brothers getting married with in 2 weeks of each other and dad decided we'd have the open house at our house- which we never did, but nonetheless dad built a deck from the dinning room. He took out the window- put it down stairs in the living room there, and then put in a sliding glass door. We recently put new railings up on the deck. Mom's planning on selling it and moving to Boise Idaho area. I was hoping for a Holiday with all of us there to tell the old house good bye. It didn't happen.

From the Left around the table= Ruth Rose Davis, Mom, Jason Mason, Becky Rose Mason, Spencer Perkins, Ryan Perkins, Caleb Perkins, Grace Perkins, Emily Perkins, Sarah Rose Perkins and Blake taking the picture. In the picture below you can see Blake Perkins. 3 of the 7 kids were there and 5 of the 26 grand kids were there. Mom also has 5 great grand kids with 2 more on the way.

Most of us are out west now. I just have one sister, the oldest Beth in North Carolina. I've been emotional 2 in the past few weeks about my family. I feel like I'm loosing them. I wonder if we'll ever have another reunion. So many have seemed to have already gone their own way and don't seem to care all that much. I guess that's the way of things. As some one who has no children it's a big deal though. I've spent my youth and single adult years visiting with these siblings and their families. Relationships are different and often strained and I don't like it. While it looks like we are all happy to be together and I'm sure If I wanted to come visit I'd be welcomed in each of their homes, it feels like closeness is gone.

This is the last thanksgiving at
15032 SE 44th St Bellevue WA 98006

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Christy Jones said...

Becky, I didn't know your mom was moving and selling her house. This must be so emotional for you! I am glad you had one last thanksgiving with what family was near bye!