Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our new kitty!

A week ago Jason came home with a 2 month old kitten. He's the cutest sweetest thing ever. These pictures don't do him justice. He loves Jason as he sleeps in the cat cage at night on his shirt. He loves to be in your lap, to play with anything that moves and to hide under the couch. He even looks at the faces on TV and stands up on his hind legs to get a better look. He loves to snuggle and kneads with his paws as if he's nursing his mom. He's just really so cute! We have come up with lots of names, but nothing has stuck. Jason calls him "jelly" with a southern drawl to it. I think it sounds getto. Some other names have been: tom, Henry, tip, tippy, shadow, and all kinds of initials, like KC for 'kitty cat'. What do you think we should name him?


Stacy said...

Glad you have a new kitty! It is super cute.

Sarah said...

Norton is my favorite name for any animal, just no one in my family lets me use it! I think he looks like a NORTON! What do the dogs think?