Monday, September 13, 2010

Jason 101

For those of you who have not met Jason here is a little about him:

1. Jason loves mushrooms. He puts them in spaghetti sauce, and always gets the mushroom burger at burger joints we eat at.
2. Jason loves Twislers. He will not eat Red Vines. Twislers only!
3. Jason grew up in central Illinois and those mid-westerns love their Miracle Whip. Jason is no different. He does not eat mayonnaise, just Miracle Whip and a lot of it!
4. Jason loves to watch sci-fi movies and TV shows.
5. Jason has a Kawazaki ZX1400 motorcycle in blue, with one red rim. He can go 200 miles an hour on that thing! He drag races it too.
6. Jason is really good at sharing his faith with others- everywhere- including Starbucks- where he gets his hot chocolate, not his coffee.
7. Jason likes to make up songs (just like me). But his we can't usually share, if you know what I mean.
8. Jason is good at making me laugh. I don't know how his brain comes up with the stuff that he does, but it's usually pretty good.
9. Jason loves to go visit the ocean.
10. Jason loves to take naps.
11. Jason can cook.
12. Jason likes to be in shape and work out at the gym.
13. Jason is often helping others.
14. Jason likes to go camping.
15. Jason has a big voice. He loves to sing and we will one day get him voice lessons as he has a lot of potential!
16. Jason is very affectionate- at least towards me.
17. Jason is a good friend to others.
18. Jason loves chocolate and can eat a whole chocolate cake by himself in 15 hours!
19. Jason favorite drink is Mountain Dew. I wish we had stock in that company!
20. Jason has righteous desires and wants to be a better person.
21. Jason is a country boy at heart. He has a YeeHaw that is extremely loud!
22. Jason loves dogs and all animals (just like me).

As you can see from the picture, he's a stud!

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