Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fish: Yesterday and Today.

Gregory had a melt down today. I took Justin, Heather and Gregory to the park. G did not want to go, but walked the path and sat under a tree for a few minutes. He started walking back to the car so I had to follow, leaving the other 2 at the play ground. He didn't want to just sit in the car, he wanted to drive away. I had to walk back to J and H to let them know and make a plan. Heather came back with me and got in the front seat. G was laying in the back seat crying and hitting his head. We got the car moving and he was still upset, opened the car door once, pushed my arm with his foot and then started to really kick Heather. She started to crouch down as far as she could to protect herself, but she got a big push just as we got home. This one hurt, but she ran our the door crying and into the house and moved the rat cage. She knows about these episodes and knew she needed to get them to safety. I didn't realize what she was doing. She needed a hug and some comforting. She absolutely did the right thing and I'm so glad she did. I headed up the stairs and it was wet. Why? I looked around and the fish bowl we'd only had for a few weeks was empty on the stairs! Where were the fish? Maybe there was time to save them. I looked around and found one on the marble floor looking like it was too late. I grabbed him anyway and ran him to the other fish bowl. He was OK. I yelled to Heather and she looked for the other one. He was on the stairs. She grabbed him and did the same thing. Another fish life was saved! 4 little lives were saved. Heather is a brave girl!

When I was looking for that fish I had a flash back to year 2 at Ricks. I kept fish in the blender my mom got for a wedding present. I used that for the first semester. On the buttons I put a sign that said: And you think you have stress in your life! We re-arranged our living room around quite a bit. The fish blender stood with the other electronics in the living room and one time when moving things around and plugging things in, the blender, not normally plugged in, got plugged in with out us knowing it. Our FHE brothers came in and one of them pushed the puree button and WIZZZZZZZZZ. There was no lid on, and the water became fish soup and we found one fish eye on the table. Of course 6 female voices screamed! He was for the rest of the year branded "the fish murder".
At Christmas time I got a globe fish tank. It was round and had the continents on it. The little fish could swim in their little world. This one came with air filter and such, so I could go up with quality of fish. I got a few different ones, but one of them was picking on the other and stredding his beautiful fins. I decided I needed to take the bad guy back to the pet store. I came home for lunch, put him in a clear picture of water. I had one class and then after that I'd take him back. I'd only be gone an hour. When I came back the picture was gone! Where was he? Where was the fish? I joked about it and looked in silly places like under the couch. Mandy one of my 5 roommates came home and I was telling her about it. She was the culprit this time. She saw this picture of water in the sink and didn't know why it was there, so just dumped it out. She didn't see the yellow fish. I reached in to the disposal and pulled him out. He didn't float! I guess it serves him right, the little bully!


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Carmell said...

I can still remember the fish eye on kevin's jacket too! I still think it was one of them who secretly plugged in the blender! Oh the memories!