Friday, February 13, 2009

Parenting Begins in the Womb

OK- I'm going to post this, even though I don't even think people read my blog and this is just thoughts, not some great real thing that happened. I wrote this over a month ago.

Today was the last day to write to law makers and tell them how you want them to vote regarding abortion. I got an email with links to make it easier, and then passed it on to almost everyone on my email list. I avoided those I thought would be "Pro-Choice", but I did get one email back letting me know that they were pro-choice and supported Planned Parenthood. This person was very nice about it, but the whole thing got me thinking.

First of all, this person is Christian. She believes in Jesus Christ. I can't imagine how anyone who believes in the Savior would believe in abortion. Jesus would not think abortion is OK. He would not be on the "Pro-Choice" side. But then I don't know how anyone who believes in Jesus as the Son of God, can think fornication or breaking the sabbath, or homosexuality is OK. But there are those kinds of people out there and it is my belief that they don't really know who Jesus is. They may know about him, but they don't know him. There is a difference. I also believe that these people are thinking temporally, or in the now, this earth life only. They have NO eternal perspective. If they did surely they could not hurt a Child of God. (Psalm 82:6)

The other thing is that even the terms Pro-Choice and Pro-Life are not opposites. They do not oppose each other logically. Of course every American is pro-choice. We love our freedom. We fought for ours and others freedom. We are also all pro-lifers. We decry murder of innocent animals, of the elderly, of the young, of any age. We put murders in prison. It's not pro-life and pro-death or pre-birth murder. Those who support abortion would never except that label. It's not pro-choice and anti-choice. Everyone would be for choice. How could anyone purposefully except anti-choice?

The real opposite I believe is between choice and choices. The only difference being that little 's'. I've come to realize that parenting begins in the womb. As Americans we are against pregnant women smoking, or drinking, or doing drugs. We think it awful if a child is born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or is a Cocaine baby. Those women made Bad Choices for them and for their baby. They are bad parents even before the child is born. Most pregnant women eat healthy and do all the right things for their child.

The choice for abortion is ONE choice, for ONE person, when there are TWO to be considered. The woman with an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy who does not have an abortion is thinking of TWO people. She is making a good choice for the child and is thinking selflessly, while the one who has the abortion is thinking here and now and only of her self.

Yesterday I was going to post this with a video I saw that was well.... anti-abortion, but done by a comedian. I tried to find something serious. I looked around and watched some. I don't suggest that. I began to see how they abort babies. I stoped the video, because I just couldn't keep watching. I watched a Dr. explain partial birth abortion with a doll. I didn't know what to do. I froze. I listened to nurses tell how when abortions happen and the baby is still alive they take them and leave them alone to die- no matter how long it takes; 20 min, 1 hour, 8 hours. Ya. And there are thousands of people who WANT babies, but can't have them! SELFISH, SELFISH, SELFISH!

I read my scriptures last night with those images coming to my head. The Savior quotes the 2 great commandments in section 59. Love your neighbor as yourself! Love your neighbor as your self! LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF!

Oh, how far and sick the world has come to have people choose to do something like that to their own flesh and blood, to elect a president who will that happen with reckless abandon. The depth of the power of Satan to twist things so people actually applaud this, actually cheer for this. Oh they are sick and they are in for a TERRIBLE DAY come judgement. I can't imagine the pain one person who lets this happen will feel, let alone the doctors who perform it, the nurses who let it happen, who wash their hands of it, as did Pilate at the death of The Christ(Matt 27:24), but is never more guilty. And then the TORMENT of those that signed legislation. I believe some of that TORMENT for all of those people will be knowing what could of been, what dastardly deeds they did in the name of FREEDOM.

Satan is cleaver bastard. He does not have a body and he does not want anyone else to have the privilege to live on this earth with a body, created by the Savior.

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Christy Jones said...

OH Becky, I love your blog and what you write about. Don't think that no one reads it. I enjoy seeing what is going on in your life. This post was particularly moving to me. I cannot understand those who are pro-choice, most women made their choice when they choose to break the law of chastity. Even if its a woman who is married and doesn't want the baby she should still give it up for adoption. You were right there are tons of good families who would give anything for a baby, my sister being one of them! Bravo for you taking a stand on something so important.