Monday, January 19, 2009


Jeff Thompson passed away surrounded by his wife and all of his children Sunday morning the 18. The family was looking into placing him in a different care giving facility, as the room he was in was too small and the nurses were too busy, but they don't have to do that now. There will be a private family burial service and a memorial service for all on Saturday. I was glad I was able to help; getting him 4 Advil's on a Sunday before he found out he had a tumor, babysitting 7 of his grandchildren on Saturday for 6 hours while they were at the hospital. My services will continue to be offered.

My brother found another short temporary job that pays more, so he'll have money is his pocket.

The marriage situation has been better, but I'm sure it will continue it's ups and downs.

I've learned for myself that if I take my medicine at the same time as soon as I get up, I do so much better emotionally. Last week my 2 sessions of hypno-therapy were hard to get through. But I'm sure that the combination of the 2 have helped, as I've felt much better than my crying week.

I'm going back to keeping track of the days I cry. I place a C over the days I've cried and some years have placed an A on the days I've been angry. Often there are 2 letters covering the date number of the week. Good months only have 6 or 7 cries. Bad month's have 15 or more. Do you know anyone who cry's this much? On Sunday's it's usually due to the Spirit. I've been keeping track like this for YEARS. I have found no patterns, but the process helps me feel that I'm doing something. I believe the emotions have root in situations or lack of medication. The weather being good can't hurt either.

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