Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bumpies, Clumpies and Zits. Oh my!

Bumpies are what my pet rats get. It's really cancer bumps and Merlin my favorite rat had 2 of them. I loved him so much I had them removed surgically. My last rat who was white, named Casper got a big one under his arm that kept growing and growing until he could hardly walk. I couldn't afford surgery and I waited to long where it was to late, so he had to be put out of his misery.

Clumpies are what dogs with long hair get. It's usually behind their ears, under their collars, or around their tales. It's just matted hair, but I like to cut them off. I love to take care of my little furies!

Zits. Now that's a whole other matter. I had perfect skin in high school. I've had a few episodes of small amounts of acne, but nothing that Proactive didn't take care of. But lately I've had really weird large zits. The kind that take weeks to go away and usually leave a scar. I try and un-scar myself with fade cream which works well. But why am I getting these things? It's not hormonal. It's not stress this time- at least I think. Stress could of taken the blame the last few months being in and out of work, but I have a job now. I've tried a lot of things this last week; face masks, vitamin treatments, triple anti-biotic medicine, prescription strength hydro-cortisone cream left over from my dad, anti-allergy cream, anti- ring worm cream. It's not ring worm. I know what that looks like. My dog Parker had that I cured it single handily by myself with out taking him to the vet. So, there are these stupid things on my face. It's not cute and some of them have scabs, but I keep trying. I wonder if I can get a face transplant. There's got to be cuter dead people out there than me. Maybe I can go as a pizza to the halloween parties coming up.

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ROOPA said...

I have these underneath my breasts. Mine don't have hair in them. When I don't wear a bra and sweat a lot I get them. DO not pop them. Mine have become infected in the past and I had to put antibiotic ointment on them and gauze. I am crazy with the picking. I think it is a form of acne.

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