Friday, April 12, 2013

My Civil Disobedience (as Seth would put it)

I'm in the video!  The dog is Coco!  This town of 44K is not big enough for me.  I need a bigger place to hide.  I'm always getting in trouble.

Can't see the video?  Me neither.  Here is a link:

What they didn't show (I didn't know I was being filmed) was that I had the dog who runs on a leash and Coco, the brown dog went 10 to 15 feet from me due to a motorcycle and that when I walked back to the car he followed right along. While that does not excuse me breaking the law, it shows that there are some situations where It's perfectly safe to do so.

The above is what I posted in response.  But what it really says is there is a need to have a off leash dog park and the city and parks and recreation will not support it.  

Here are the responses on facebook: 

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