Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review

One really bad car accident where someone was really hurt and I now have a probation officer.
One hurt dog- Coco- 2 legs that need surgery.  
One day (2 hours really) subbing in the Twin Falls School District.
One new temple to add to the list of ones I've done work in- Rexburg.  I think that's 22.
One temple re-dedication attended- Boise
One Mennonite family to love.
One job in sales in K Mart for Olan Mills.
Two Firings from job.
Two different roommates.
Two interviews in Idaho Falls for jobs I did not get.
Two visits with Annie in IF. (a happy thing!)
Two dates with senior citizens - YUCK!
Two visits to BYU-Idaho
Two testimonies born on Fast and Testimony meeting.
Three PSR companies worked for.
Four times playing "Loaded Questions" at unofficial SA parties.
Four visits from the sheriff or police about my dogs pooping in other yards- but no tickets!
Five new friends on Facebook I've never met in person.
Six zip lining runs -Fun! 
Loss of my unemployment for one year.
Lots of visits to the dog park- Happy!
Lots of visits to mom and other families in Meridian ID.
Lots of visits to my counselor Jason Beard and a little less to Bishop Mix. 
Tons of calls from my brother Karl in Oregon.
A handful of new friends made.
Many kittens played with.
A live and then dead pheasant in my car.
A mouse in my house.
Not quite 50 lessons on The book of Mormon given to teenagers.
A few really bad hair cuts. 
Financial help from- Mom, the church and Uncle Sam. 

Good bye 2012. Hello 2013!  I hope you are better than that other year.

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