Friday, August 20, 2010

What age do you see?

On Monday Jason and I went early to the ward corn roast to shuck 4 large boxes of corn. There was a girl there watching me as I was busy at work. I'd never seen this girl before and I teach primary. She asked me how old I was. I thought it a little bizarre and wanted to say something about it not being polite to ask total strangers that, but I went ahead and answered her. 38. She said "you look young. You look like your 13." While I've always looked younger due to having good genes (thanks mom and dad). But 25 years younger! OK, maybe it was the fact that I had a baseball hat on backwards and that I have adult acne. I never had acne as a teenager!

1 comment:

Christy Jones said...

Thats great!! I wouldn't really tag you for 13 though, mabe 27ish so at least 10 yrs younger.