Friday, May 21, 2010

Drag Racing at Pacific Raceways

Last Saturday I saw Jason race his motorcycle for the first time. We had just driven down to Portland to pick up his bike after having it "race ready". I had never been to one of these, and it was pretty cool.

Jason is lining up getting ready to race. He's the one on the right with the blue bike. A Kawasaki ZX 1400- which means it goes really fast- up to 200 miles an hour and weights almost 600 lbs. Oct 08 the bike did a wheel hop and when the back tire touched the ground it flipped all the way over on top of him and landed right on his chest. He took a deep breathe, rolled over and stood up. Everyone said he should be dead. He's not afraid of anything, except not living the commandments.

Here he is next in line ready to go. I took a video of the whole race with our new camera, but I haven't figured how to down load that yet.

Along with motorcycles there are many different kinds of cars racing! Check a few of these out!

Check out this Hummer! It has a hydrolic lift kit so it can raise up and down.

There are literally rows and rows of trailers and campers with people that make this a life style. People bring dogs, babies, lawn chairs and sit out and eat and talk. It's fun!

Ever see a car pop a wheelie? This was at the start of this guys' race!

This guy had the whole front off of his car!

Crazy stuff! This is called a bar bike. It has wheelie bars that stick off the back of it.

I saw this souped up Model T race and an old 1950's station wagon too.
It's VERY LOUD there. Most have ear plugs in or ear muffs- not the fuzzy kind!

The race is just 1/4 of a mile long and at the end each side as a score board with the time and how fast they were going.

The racing goes on for hours. Lots of waiting. Here's what it looks like in the dark. Picture is complete with smoke from heating their tires up so they can get better traction.

What's great is that although this is a competition, the people are not competitive and very friendly. Jason is friends with those he races with. One man was 69 years old and another was still in his 20's. I sat next to the younger man's wife and friends. They brought chicken wings and pasta salad and shared.

Here's the 2 of us during a fun night! You can see how much weight the 2 of us have gained together. Jason is up to 244 and Me????? - well, wouldn't you like to know?

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