Monday, January 4, 2010

One Month and Counting!

Well, It's been about a month and a half since we've been married. We are getting to know each other better- what upsets us and what makes us happy. I changed my job so we have more time to do that. Evenings are ours! We've had some funny happenings the first month. Here they are:
  • Our pipes froze for a whole week! No showers, no dishes, no flushing the toilet! We showered at moms, did dishes and laundry at mom's. Good thing shes so close!
  • I started a load of a laundry and filled our small machine to over flowing. The belt was burned and the pump stopped working for a while. We had suds everywhere! I took some pictures and may get them up. Jason is a good enough man to not say anything negative to me.
  • I drive a little fast and pumped a hole in the oil pan in Jason's Passat, so that car was out of commission until Jason could get some liquid steal and fix it himself. We were a one car family for a week- funny since we have 3 cars and a motorcycle. Jason drove me to work and picked me up too and never said anything about that either.
  • We dog sat for 10 days over Christmas this less than one year old Lab named Bella. She was a nightmare! She pooped and peed in her house, mom's house, ate shoes and tried to sleep on us! We drove back and forth from our place, to mom's and then to Renton where Bella lives. We will never do that again!
I need to get pictures of the bridal shower up and the wedding. I've narrowed them down to 630- getting rid of about 50 of them. Pictures and cards have yet to go in books and thank you card have yet to be written. It's on my brain, just not out of my hands yet.

I got a primary calling in church teaching the 8 year olds, the kids that just got baptized. Jason and I are giving talks on the 17th in Sacrament Meeting.


Jen said...

What adventures to add to the spice of just getting married! Congrats again and I hope things just keep getting better and better for you two!

Michelle said...

Good to hear from you, you newlywed, you. :) Can't wait to see pictures when you get a chance! It's wonderful to see you so happy. :)

Joneel said...

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