Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Furry Family is Bigger

A rat in Justin's shirt.

Hanging out in the food box- we were that small!

Little baby furry on Justin's shoulder. Doesn't he look so sweet?

Heather with them both.

Eating macaroni and cheese. I fed them so much they pooped 20 pellets. Never again.
Don't you just love their little hands? They are like little people!

Checking out what's going on out there. They are very curious and are always wondering what is up and want to be out with the people.

Escaping to the real world.

The first Friday of April, I got 2 baby male rats. I've never had baby rats before and they were so tiny at a month old they both fit into my hand. A month later they are much bigger. I got them for free and their names are Spotty and Sniffer. They of course love to crawl into my clothes and leave little red scratches on my shoulders. We all like them. Coco wants to eat them! Parker seems to be doing ok with them as he's seen those kind of furries before. I've been bringing them over to McOmbers for Justin and Heather to play with too.


Christy Jones said...

They are so cute! I think rats are great pets!!

My Favorite Things said...

a comment! oh how I love a comment!